GoBe Robots - Telepresence Robot


GoBe Robots - Telepresence Robot

GoBe Robots connects people, companies and organizations. Anytime and anywhere.
With only 1 click, GoBe Robots allows you to Go and Be present.

Quick setup

Lower CO2 emission

100k installations worldwide

100% mobility

Remote Assistant

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Keep Distance to Prevent Infections

Stay safe and be present at the same time with GoBe Robots telepresence. 

Social Inclusion - Everyone Counts

With natural mobility and immersive telepresence, GoBe Robots puts you in the room and gives a feeling of social inclusion.

Use a GoBe Robot and reduce CO2 Emissions

With GoBe Robots telepresence you can save time, money and hassle from travel. In other words: No traveling, less CO2 emissions – less waste of time.

Technical Data

Camera: 21,5” HD Touchscreen, wide angle, super zoom
Connectivity: WiFi and LTE (5G available), WebRTC
Battery: 8 hours