Robot Guidance



VISION also develops a robot-guidance system, simple to use, to operate in high-precision industrial manufacturing environments with automated learning phases, automatic calibration, track picking and deposit.


Main features

Picking accuracy. Our Robot Guidance 4.0 vision system supports different types of calibration: it ranges from fast and immediate calibration, able to correlate the Robot to the camera and a very precise calibration requires the learning of at least 4 points taken on the grip area.

Learning the object. The system then allows to automatically recognise the object to be picked without having to set up or perform complicated learning procedures and allows to define the gripping point of the object automatically.

“Smart” and “User Friendly”. We offer our customers tailor-made solutions for their reference sector. We allow the customer to easily interface with our system, which allows to follow wizards that facilitate learning operations.

Intelligent. Thanks to the automation of the learning phases, VISION’s Robot Guidance systems guarantee the efficiency and quality of automatic calibration, track picking and deposit.


Quality control on printed cosmetics packaging and robot guidance for handling cosmetics components.

Quality analysis on 100% of production and on the quality of the end product.

Quality control of small metal parts (nuts, bolt, rivets, springs etc..

Nowadays, every activity needs to meet an increasing demand for efficiency and quality. This is why we have always brought our experience into a diverse number of sectors and we can check different types of materials.

Case History