Vision systems for conformity and quality on 100% of your production


For more than 30 years we have been designing machine vision systems to achieve excellence on 100% of production with “zero waste”. We develop a vast number of custom-designed, high-performance machines and solutions, delivering single-interface integrated systems pursuing one main objective: maximum optimization of the production process and removal of all the factors hampering its smooth performance.

We co-design the outline of the solution together with the customer. We then launch the project development, encoding and integration steps, down to the final in-line system engineering phase.

A distinctive trait of our company is that we are able to handle all project phases, from prototyping to deployment to maintenance of installed systems. Our combination of versatility and flexibility with repeatability, conformity and quality places us among the best integrators, able to identify all the hardware components required for each system and to develop, improve and maintain the applications software entirely on the spot.


Benefit for companies

By identifying defects upstream, production lines can guarantee better quality which translates into greater reliability and safety and hence cost savings. Competitive advantage lies in the possibility of intervention in all project phases, from prototyping to creation, up to maintenance of the installed systems.

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Our Services

Our service portfolio includes, in addition to the design and deployment of solutions with varying degrees of complexity, by a range of ancillary services including operation, maintenance, monitoring and technical support.

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