Vision systems for conformity and quality on 100% of your production


The food sector demands very high production standards. The parameters we consider may cover the food product's shape, properties and type of packaging. In this sector, our team has a large portfolio of client companies, for which we develop machine vision systems addressing primarily three requirements:

  • Quality control across the different stages of food processing
  • Quality control before the packaging of the food product (fresh or frozen)
  • Quality control on the packaging

These actions are performed through quality analysis on 100% of production and on the quality of the end product. This approach makes us a 360-degree quality-oriented company.

Let's look at one example: would you be able to pick out the perfect apple from among the tens of apples hanging from a tree?  Maybe we humans would not, but VISION systems would.  They allow us to recognise the perfect apple that is of the right colour and size and with smooth unblemished skin.  We guarantee the perfection both of organoleptic characteristics (e.g. aspect, colour, shape) and of packaging quality.

Another example? Still in the food sector, we provide quality control systems that guarantee that the chicken body, thighs or wings are defect-free. Specifically, our vision systems check that those chicken parts have no visible bruising or broken bones.

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