Vision systems for conformity and quality on 100% of your production


For the past 30 years we have created industrial vision systems for the automotive sector. What does quality control in this sector entail?

Think about the parts making up a car. Now imagine what would happen if valves, brake cylinders, washers and injectors were not perfect. How would this affect the car's safety?

VISION covers this sector too, guaranteeing the quality of the individual components that define the car's structural and safety characteristics. This is done by surface inspections, checks on the presence and absence of parts, calculations, checks on colours, fuel pipe fittings.

In the automotive sector, quality control is performed in close cooperation with the custom sector. Often, small parts such as screws, nuts and bolts are car or motorcycle components. Ensuring the integrity of custom elements also means ensuring the integrity of vehicle parts. For example, VISION performs quality control on magnets which in 70% of cases are applied in the automotive industry.

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