Vision systems for conformity and quality on 100% of your production


Our computer vision systems control from print to textiles, from small metal parts to mechanics, from tools to glass, from packaging to cosmetics, from pharma to foodstuffs.

The sectors in which we operate are multifarious, as are the materials controlled: glass, paper, plastic, wood, rubber, metals, ceramics, resins, liquids, foodstuffs, in the most complex geometries and with the most diverse processing methods.

Today VISION operates seamlessly on several different markets, exploiting the advantage of spanning different application domains with multi-sectoral skills. As the demand for higher quality, efficiency and cost reduction in all industrial production sectors grows constantly, so do our solutions and commitment to perfection, as is also shown by our participation in leading trade shows year round.



The cosmed sector imposes strict production standards concerning shape, surface, the presence or absence of product and other quality and dimensional checks required by the customer.

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The use of robot guidance makes it possible to specialise quality control and apply more fine-tuned and targeted actions. One example is automated bin-picking which is the possibility of identifying and locating individual steps and elements of a production process on a conveyor belt or a bin.

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The food sector demands very high production standards. The parameters we consider may cover the food product's shape, properties and type of packaging. In this sector, our team has a large portfolio of client companies, for which we develop machine vision systems.

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In the pharma sector, quality control focus both on the integrity of packaging and on types of packaging.
Is ensuring the quality of the packaging really so essential? We at VISION think it's paramount.

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The custom sector comprises checks on the integrity of various materials. VISION's machine vision systems span a broad range of applications:

  • locating and reading bar codes and screen-printed codes
  • dimensional and quality inspections on washers or filter screens
  • quality standard inspections on fastening elements
  • in-line checks on the assembly of freezers or tanks
  • quality control on wood, rubber or printed circuits


VISION also provides applications for several printing industry sub-sectors.

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Web Inspection

At VISION we also operate in the web inspection sector, i.e, checks on continuous ribbons or sheets of various materials such as glass, cardboard, plastics or fabrics.

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Automated Machines

In this sector, our vision systems perform quality checks on small metal parts (nuts, bolt, rivets, springs etc.):

  • Dimensional checks, also in complex geometries
  • Checks on external and internal threads
  • Checks for surface dents and scratches
  • Checks for dents and cracks on side surfaces

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For the past 30 years we have created industrial vision systems for the automotive sector. What does quality control in this sector entail?

Think about the parts making up a car. Now imagine what would happen if valves, brake cylinders, washers and injectors were not perfect. How would this affect the car's safety?

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